West Liberty

Agricultural Education

& FFA Chapter

Local/Above the Local Level Activities

West Liberty FFA conducts well over 50 activities each year. Below each activity is sorted by standard within the Program of Activities. See below all of our activities and click for photos and detail success of each activity. 

Growing Leaders


Help the individual

develop technical,

human relations, and decision making skills. 

Local Level

Officer Workshops

Chapter Meetings

Above Local Level

Amplify Conference

State Convention


COLT Training

National Convention

Healthy Lifestyles

Promote the well-being of students mentally or physically, in achieving the positive evolution of the whole person.


Local Level


Back to School BBQ

National FFA Week

Habitudes Curriculum

Above Local Level

National FFA Workshops

Post Road Go-Karting

National FFA Concerts


Develop a positive attitude

toward lifelong

learning experiences.




Local Level

Senior Awards Night

Academic Achievement Awards

Blue & Gold Mentoring Award

LDE Mentoring Program

Application Workshops

Above Local Level

National FFA Scholarships

Personal Growth

Improve the identity and self-awareness of members.



Local Level

Success through SAEs

Chapter Degrees & Awards

Comet Career Corner

Above Local Level

Iowa Degrees

American Degrees

Career Success

Promote student involvement and growth through agriculture related experiences and/or entrepreneurship and promote career readiness.

Local Level


Planting Seeds of Our Future

SAE Road Show

Taste of West Liberty Ag

Above Local Level

State Convention

National Convention

District Convention

Building Communities


Preserve natural resources and develop more environmentally responsible individuals.

Local Level

Branch Healthy Community

Citywide Clean-Up

Out to the Farm

Project Earthbox

Above Local Level

Living to Serve Grant

Human resources

Improve the welfare and
well-being of members and citizens of the community.

Local Level

High-Five Fighting Hunger

Cuddles for Kids Program

WL After-School Program

ELC Butterfly Garden 

39th Annual Faculty Breakfast

Above Local Level

County Fair Clean-Up


Encourage members to become active, involved citizens of their
school, community and country.

Local Level

Muscatine County Fair Sheep Pens

Parli Procedure Demonstration

Backpack Program

Star Tree Project

Food Pantry & Poinsettia Donation

Stakeholder Engagement

Develop teamwork and cooperation between local chapter and stakeholders.

Local Level

Cultivating Partnerships

Jackets of Pride Campaign

LDE Showcase Night

100 Women Who Care

Above Local Level

Ag Issues Forums

Economic Development

Improve the economic welfare of the community.

Local Level

Flowers in a Basket


Entrepreneur & Placement SAE Programs


Above Local Level

Iowa FFA Tractor Sales

Strengthening Agriculture

Support Group

Develop and maintain positive relations among FFA, parents and community leaders interested in supporting ag education.

Local Level

West Liberty Booster Club

Booster Club Scholarship Drive

Beef and Goat Cooperative

Honoring Our Supporters

Chapter Recruitment

Increase agricultural education enrollment and/or FFA membership and encourage greater participation.

Local Level

Exploring Agriculture & FFA

8th Grade CDEs

FFA Parent-Member Orientation

Chapter Officer Meet & Greet

safety icon_edited.jpg


Enhance safety

in the community.


Local Level

Standard Operating Procedure

Social Media Etiquette

Animal Handling

Meet a Farmer

Above Local Level

John Deere Career Day



Articulate and promote agricultural programs, practices, policies and/or education
to elicit action.

Local Level

Marketing the Brand

WL Chamber of Commerce

Homecoming Week

Parent-Member Banquet

Above Local Level

Legislative Symposium



Help consumers become better informed about the production, distribution and daily impact of food, fiber and fuel.

Local Level

Junior Ag Leaders Program

Little Hands on the Farm

A Day at the Ag Room

Alpaca Management Demo

Above Local Level

Ag Issues & Perceptions Team