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West Liberty

Agricultural Education

& FFA Chapter


Each committee is divided into the three divisions of the program of activities. Each members serves on a committee and they meet on and as needed basis. 

After each meeting the committee takes notes and posts them on the website. 

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Growing Leaders



Growing Leaders

Event: Broomball 

Date: 3/10/2024                                      Time: 9:00

Location: Coral Ridge Mall                    Cost: Free

POA Standard: Healthy Lifestyles

Activity Description: FFA members will load the bus at the Ag room to go to the Coral Ridge Mall for the recreational activity Broomball. 

Activity Goals: 1) Have at least 40 members attend. 2) Spend 2 hours on the activity. 3) Each members submit one photo from the activity.

Activity Benefit: This activity will promote physical activity as well as get members together for a recreational activity.  

Sign-Up Needed

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Building Communities

Date: 4/09/2024                                      Time: 12:00pm

Location: First Church                            Cost: Free

POA Standard: Human Resources

Activity Description: West Liberty FFA Members will make tie-blankets for the Cuddles For Kids Project to be donated to local shelters. 

Activity Goals: 1) Make over 50 tie-blankets. 2) Gather over $1,000 in donations. 3) Have over 30 members participate.

Activity Benefit: Provide students with volunteer hours toward silver cord. This will provide a community service project for the month of February. 

Strengthening Ag.jpg

Strengthening Ag

Date: 3/11/2024                                      Time: NA

Location: Meyers Farms                         Cost: Free

POA Standard: Support Group

Activity Description: The Alumni Beef and Goat Cooperative provides livestock to urban FFA members for SAE programs. 

Activity Goals: 1) Provide over 10 head of livestock for members. 2) Sign up each member will participate. 3) Over 10 members will participate.

Activity Benefit: The committee will meet with Meyers Family Farms to create a sign up for student SAE programs. This will provide an excellent opportunity for members to gain SAE projects.  

CDE Mentoring.jpg

Ad Hoc

Date: 3/26/2024                                      Time: 2:00pm

Location: High School                            Cost: Free

POA Standard: Ad Hoc Committee

Activity Description: Students will work on creating locker signs for high school and middle school students. 

Activity Goals: 1) 100% of members will have a locker sign. 2) Have 5 members help with locker signs. 

Activity Benefit: The locker signs will be created to list each member as well as the contest they are participating in. 

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