West Liberty

Agricultural Education

& FFA Chapter

West Liberty FFA & AgEd 

Chartered: 1932

Total FFA Membership: 96 members

Agriculture Enrollment: 325 students

We currently have over 300 agriculture students enrolled within the high school. Our middle school program consists of 22 members as well as each student takes an exploratory class.

The Agriculture Facility was built in 2006 and has two classrooms, shop, headhouse, greenhouse, and garden program.   

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West Liberty Course Description Guide

INTRODUCTION TO AGRICULTURE, FOOD, AND NATURAL RESOURCES  (9-10)                                          




The class introduces students to the importance of agriculture in our daily lives in the form of food, clothing, housing, medicine and more. Students begin leadership training and begin to develop interpersonal skills needed throughout life. The class will include numerous areas of agriculture including animals, plants, leadership, landscaping and greenhouse management.

NATURAL RESOURCES AND ECOLOGY (9-12)                                                                                             




The Natural Resources and Ecology course is a foundation course within CASE (Curriculum for Ag Science Education). The course provides students a variety of experiences in the fields of natural resources and ecology.  Outdoor labs will be conducted throughout the course. Students will explore hands-on projects and activities while studying topics such as land, water, and air quality.  Study of the natural world including biomes, land, air, water, energy, use and care as well as a focus on issues surrounding man’s interaction with the Earth will be addressed in this course.


ANIMAL SCIENCE I  (9-12)                                                                                                                            




The emphasis of this class will be examining the domestic animals in agriculture along with the basic biology of animals.  Areas to be covered are cats and dogs, animal science careers, animal domestication, animal classification, breed recognition, animal rights, animal cells, systems of the animal body, dissections, and digestion.  Also examined is animal product business managements through a tour at Fred’s Feed and Supply.


ADVANCED ANIMAL SCIENCE (11-12)                                                                                                          

PREREQUISITE:  Animal Science 1 / Integrated Science / Biology

CREDITS:  1                


This course will emphasize large animal agriculture and veterinary science.  Topics will include; animal reproduction methods, genetics veterinary clinic processes and procedures, housing, gestation, disease control.  Classroom instruction along with real-life experiences through various farm operation tours will provide opportunity to explore various animals (cattle, sheep, swine, horses, goats, and poultry).  This is a Dual Credit Course with MCC.

CONSERVATION AND WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT (11-12)                                                                              

 PREREQUISITE: Integrated Science and Biology



This advanced level dual credit conservation course is the second segment of natural resources and  ecology in the CASE curriculum.  Students will be examining interactions within ecosystems, along with studying plant and animals.  Outdoor labs will be conducted throughout the course.  Other topics covered in the course are agricultural stewardship, conservation laws, renewable resources, gold and silver mining, forestry, and finally looking at human impacts on the environment through computer simulations. This course is a Dual Credit Course with MCC.

HORTICULTURE I  (9-12)                                                                                                                               



This class will acquaint students with the various fields involved in the horticultural and plant science industry.  Topics covered are; horticulture careers, seed planting and germination, plant monitoring (vegetables and flowers), growth, and health. Hands-on greenhouse, soil, and plant labs are highly emphasized in this course.  Students will also be responsible for starting the plants for the plant sale.  This course is a foundation course for CASE plant science.

ADVANCED HORTICULTURE (11-12)                                                                                                             

PREREQUISITE:  Horticulture 1 / Integrated Science / Biology

CREDITS:  1                

This course is built upon horticulture I class.  Topics include; plant nutrition, environmental factors of plant growth, reproduction, and crop production.  Students in this class will manage the annual garden plant and flower sale.  In the annual plant sale students are in charge of advertising, pricing, and sales.  Hands-on activities will also be emphasized such as gardening, elementary mentoring workshops, and landscaping.  This course is a second half for CASE plant science.  

FLORICULTURE (9-12)                                                                                                                                  



This course is designed to introduce students to the career possibilities in the floral industry and to provide basic instruction in the techniques of floral design.  Topics covered include: basic floral design principles, corsage and boutonniere making, centerpiece construction, plant identifcation, plant care, as well as holiday and gift arrangements in the floriculture industry.

AG LEADERSHIP - CCR (12)                                                                                                                         



This course is designed for students who are looking to  prepare for the job market, attend any post secondary institution (trade school, two-year college, or four-year), and even pursue internships. Students who are looking to enhance their career-readiness and 21st century skills as they prepare to graduate. Subjects covered include: business/industry speakers, understanding personal strengths and skills, college application process, scholarship writing, preparing resumes and cover letters, job interview prep, applying leadership techniques to real live situations.


FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY   (11-12)                                                                                               

PREREQUISITE: Animal Science


Food Science and Technology is a course where students will complete hands-on activities, projects, and problems that simulate actual concepts and situations found in food. The study into the industry will allow students to build content knowledge and technical skills in food safety, food quality, food chemistry, food processing, food product development, marketing, and consumer behavior. While completing activities throughout this course, students will be documenting a food development project, solving problems, and communicating solutions to their peers and members of the professional community. This course is a Dual Credit Course with MCC.

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